Power Tong Operator/Torque Turn Operation (Relief)

Full-Time Position
Based in Odessa, TX

4 Star USA is currently seeking experienced oilfield personnel to support our rapidly expanding casing running company. 4 Star USA is a family-owned Casing Service company operating in the Permian Basin based out of Odessa, TX. 4 Star USA offers a full-time position with competitive wages.

  • We are committed to establishing long-term, mutually satisfying relationships with both our team members and our clients.
  • We base our relationships with team members and clients on openness and integrity. You can expect us to provide you with the training, knowledge, and business platform to experience significant personal growth. We expect aggressive growth to realize our vision.

For this opportunity, we are looking for strong casing crew members who have an excellent work ethic.

What you’ll bring to the table:

· A self-starter.

· Ability and desire to show up on time.

· Work professionally with the company to ensure the job is completed to 4 Star USA standards.

· Understanding and Compliance with all Safety Rules and Policies within 4 Star USA.

· Hard working with a positive attitude.

· Power Tong Operator; at least 5 years of experience working the rig floor while running casing.

What’s in it for you?
  • Growth — our approach makes it possible for talented and hard-working team members to make a difference and have their successes based solely on their effort. At the same time, as we grow, we will always have opportunities for those who deliver results on a consistent basis.
  • Great work environment — we believe in a balanced, team-oriented environment. We understand that running casing is a difficult job, so we offer new equipment and an unmatched safety record, not only for our clients but for our team.
  • Accountability and autonomy — with the support of our team, you will drive your own success and determine the most effective ways to reach your personal goals.
Keys to Success

Exceeding expectations is not only the key to our company’s success but also the key to your success within this role. At a fundamental level, your performance will depend on your ability to manage personnel to work the rig floor while running casing. You do not need extensive experience if you are friendly, hardworking, and follow our procedures. We will give you the training you need to succeed. Additional keys to your success include:

  • Ability to “rise to a challenge” — as in any business, challenges often arise and we will look to you to remain flexible, communicate openly regarding obstacles you encounter, and to develop creative strategies to overcome those obstacles.

  • Excellent communication, negotiation, and interpersonal skills — you will need to build solid relationships with a wide range of personalities and skill levels to successfully deliver our services.
  • Self-motivation — in an environment with little micro-management, we will depend on you to be highly driven, efficient, and organized as you manage competing priorities and work independently to accomplish your goals.
  • “Team player” attitude — we employ an exceptional group of professionals, each with his/her own specialty that is essential to the success of the team. We’ll expect you to not only work with those around you in a respectful fashion, but to also be willing to step in and support the team when your skills are in demand.
More About Our Company

4 Star USA is a family-owned oilfield service company providing casing running services and equipment rental in the Permian Basin with headquarters in Odessa, TX, USA.

The US operations are an expansion of our Canadian business, where we have spent over 36 years building our trusted casing-running business.


Job Description

The Relief Operator is the company’s second most senior field representative on-site and oversees the casing crew and all casing equipment used to complete a casing job when the Crew Supervisor is on break. In addition to relieving the Supervisor, the Relief Operator relieves the Torque Turn Technician.  The Relief Operator is responsible for the following tasks:

Relieve crew supervisor on-site and manage casing crew personnel.

Duties include:

  • Operate Power Tongs
  • Work rig floor
  • Mentor short service employees in accordance with 4 Star USA SSE protocols. follow casing running orders from the company rep and verify running order with casing tally.
  • Coordinate crew and delegate tasks to crew members.
  • Ensure all 4 Star employees are working safely and productively in accordance with 4 Star standards.
  • Coordinate with casing crew supervisor to rig up and rig down casing tools.
  • Operator casing tools, CRTs, FMS.


Assist Crew supervisor with loading and transportation of casing tools to location.

Duties include:

  • Verify, inspect, and document required casing tools prior to loading for transport to the site.
  • Load and secure tools for transportation.
  • Transport tools to site.   


Relieve Torque Turn Technician.

Duties include:

  • Operate torque turn equipment to monitor make of connections.
  • Communicate TT data with thread reps.
  • Communicate running procedures with Power Tong Operator.