To pursue excellence, empower our people, follow our core values, and lead by integrity. In doing so, we will shift an industry and grow to become the #1 choice for our oilfield services.


4 Star USA is a family-owned oilfield service company providing casing running services and equipment rental in the Permian Basin with headquarters in Odessa, TX, USA. 

The US operations are an expansion of our Canadian business, where we have spent over 36 years building our trusted casing-running business.

Our service comes with
over 36 years of experience
on the rig floor


To consistently provide superior service, delivered by qualified professionals at a field level. 4 Star USA was established with integrity and as such integrity is everything. 4 Star USA’s commitment to safety, people first culture and relationships with our customers and vendors are all based on integrity. We deliver what is promised — above and beyond, better than expected, best in Texas oilfield service, period.


We deliver what is promised, say what we do, we do what we say.

Integrity is everything. It is the foundation of our core principles; without integrity no function of our business can be sustainability executed.

We are only as good as our last job. If the result we put forth today is not as good as what we put forth yesterday, we are no longer the best, we were the best. We do not want to live in the shadow of past success but continue to set the bar and impress our customers on an ongoing basis, Above and beyond, better than expected, best in Texas.

Planning for tomorrow today. We are always looking for better ways to delivery our product in a more efficient, safe and effective manner. This requires an innovative mind set and mutually benefits all parties involved including the costumer, our employees and the company. We have a passion to continually identify and utilize innovation to provide a safer, less labour intensive, more productive. workplace.

We are a team, at 4 Star, Teamwork is #1. We will win or fail as a team and no single individual can carry the weight for the whole team, but a single individual can bring a whole team down. We all have different rolls and responsibilities, and each member is as important as the next. Our team has a common goal, be the best Casing service company in Texas, Period.

If we work as a team, then collectively, we need to be held accountable for the success or failure of achieving our goal. Everyone at 4 Star is accountable for their individual actions and collective outcomes.

Safety is the result of first 5 core Values. If we follow them, we will have a Culture of safety.

  • If we conduct our work with integrity, we will be safe. Say what we do, do what we say.

 · Qualified, properly trained people
 · Superior task specific equipment
 · Task specific processes

  • If we strive for excellence, we will be safe. Set the bar and then beat it.
  •   · Continual evaluation of all processes, do not settle for the status quo.
  •   · Achieve productivity through process, not through desperation.
  • If we continually innovate, we will be safe.
  • Innovated culture looking to deliver our product in a more efficient, productive, and safe way.
  • If we work as a team, we will be safe, we have a common goal, to be the best casing company in Texas. Only through teamwork can we achieve our goal.
  •   · Teamwork is #1. Mutual respect between the individuals on our team. We have each others backs.
  • If we hold ourselves accountable, we will be safe.
  •   · 4 Star assumes responsibility for the success, wellbeing, and safety of its team members.
  •   · Safety starts with the company and ends with the individual.
  •   · Personal accountability is everyday not sometimes.  


Choosing courage over comfort;

Choosing what is right over what is easy;

Choosing to practice our values rather than professing them.