Daymond has over 40 Years of oilfield experience, starting as a floor hand on the drilling rigs in Saskatchewan, Canada, he worked his way up the ranks to On Site Drilling Supervisor. His experience includes operations overseas, where he achieved the position of Rig Manager in Australia and Indonesia. He founded Lloyd’s Power Tong Services upon his return from Australia in 1985. He has been active in the oilfield service industry since then. He is co-owner and founder of 4 Star Ventures. Established in 2006, 4 Star Ventures is an oilfield service company specializing in casing running and pressure testing with headquarters located in Gull Lake SK. Canada.



Derek has 20 years of oilfield experience, starting as a floor hand on the drilling rigs in Alberta, Canada, then motorman. He came to work for the family company as a Power Tong Operator in 2002. In 2006, with the addition of pressure testing services and creation of 4 Star Ventures, Derek then became Operations Manager of the family business, overseeing and coordinating all facets of the day-to-day business operations. He was the driving force behind the innovation of our first to market double service units and 4 Star Ventures highly regarded Hydraulic Power Units. His successful execution of the implementation of our operating systems, processes and procedures contributed to 4 Star Ventures becoming an industry leader in service, safety and reliability.



Tiffany has 15 years of Oilfield experience. She has been the Sales Manager, both Field and corporate, for 4 Star Ventures since 2006. During her time as Sales Manager 4 Star Ventures has continuously gained market share in the Saskatchewan Oilfield.  Along with managing sales, she is the lead dispatcher for 4 Star Ventures. During 4 Star Ventures Peak operations, Tiffany and her Sales Team were responsible for securing, maintaining relations, and dispatching our Power Tong, Pressure Testing and Casing Wash services on 55 Drilling/service rigs with up to 500 call outs per month in one season. Tiffany’s knowledge and years of experience in coordination and logistics has been the main factor for the 4 Star group to continue to say to our customers “no mater how busy, we will deliver our services to location, on time, with professional, experienced operators ready to work, every time, no exceptions”. Tiffany has recently been tasked as the CFO of 4 Star USA and 4 Star Ventures.



Sales Account Manager

Eppie has 44 year of experience in the Oil & Gas Industry in the San Juan Basin in NM, Colorado, Utah, Texas, Montana, Wyoming, Arizona, North and South Dakota, Alaska, Additionally, Canada, Mexico and South America. He has managed/supervised personnel in the field, shop and office for over 25 years. Eppie has over 20 years of experience in sales and services of remedial tools. He was district Manager of Smith International were he successfully led their district to be the top Sales branch 3 consecutive years company wide.  We are very excited to match Eppie’s 44 years of experience in Management and Sales with our Superior Management Team and Operations.



Crew Supervisors are hand-picked by our management team with our Best in Texas reputation in mind.

The unmatched level of competency of our supervisory staff gives our customers peace of mind – specifically the company men they work with on a daily basis. They know when a 4 Star Supervisor shows up to location, they are in good hands.

Our Supervisors exhibit confidence, leadership and an overall “rig sense”, that can only be obtained from years of experience. The trickle-down effect of the lead by example motto of our supervisors speaks for itself and ensures 4 Star USA’s core values are practiced and exemplified by all employees.