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Casing Running Services - 4 Star USA


  • We provide casing tongs with a max rating 1.5X higher than the casing we are running. This reduces our exposure to tong failure.

Eliminate false floors, back ups tongs and a good portion of the manual labour on the rig floor. This allows for fewer but more qualified crew members on the floor, leading in to a safer and more efficient casing run.

Our FMS have a range from 13 5/8 to 2-3/8. our FMS are rated to 350 ton and hold up to 45,000 ft/lb of torque.

HPU is integrated with our trucks, including a PTO redundancy system. If the primary HPU has a system failure, the redundant PTO kicks in – resulting in zero down-time in swap out HPU for secondary HPU.


4 Star USA uses MTT®, McCoy Torque Turn Systemsfor our torque monitoring service. MTT® is the upgraded Win Catt system. New features include:

  • Wireless monitoring console
  • Remote viewing feature that allows off-site users to log in and view casing makeup in real-time.
  • Dual processor that doubles the pulses from the turn counter for more accurate turn counting.
McCoy Global MTT Systems


  • CRTi® Internal tools 13-5/8 to 7 Inch 320 ton, 5-1/2, 200 ton, 4-1/2, 120 ton
  • CRTe® External tools 5-1/2 500 ton
  • 6 ft bale extensions for internal tool
  • 10 ft bale extensions for external tool
  • CRT technician
Volant Products


We provide the same Best in Texas standards when hiring our CDT supervisors as our casing crew supervisors. Our level of experience is second to none when it comes to organizing your rack site and co-ordinating with the company representative for a consistent, accurate, and comprehensive tally every time.

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